Ten Powerful Tips To Grow Your Business Facebook Page


Tap into your fans emotions and desire.

Facebook business pages are a great opportunity to connect with a large audience, interact with customers and build your brand online.

Planning your content in advance is key to running a successful Facebook business page. Having a clear idea about your goals and how you want to position your business will shape what content you put onto your page.

What’s Your Business Goal?  Here are some suggestions:


– Build a significant fan base (bear in mind quality is more important than quantity of fans)

– Reach out and engage your target market

– Build brand awareness and positioning in the market

– Announce news and educate the market


10 top tips for powerful posts


1. Content Variety

Try not to spam your page with endless promotional links to your website. To reach and engage your audience use varying content, such as interesting news articles, inspiring images or humorous videos. Just be sure that everything you post on your page enforces your brand identity and relates to your target audience to maximise engagement and clarify your brand.

2. Be Innovative

People do not use Facebook to be bombarded with sales pitches, instead they use it to socialise and express their personalities. Therefore you need to use innovative content that appeals to your target audiences’ wants, needs, hopes and desires. For instance if you’re a travel agency, rather than shout TRAVEL SALE, try a more subtle approach of pure white sand and a pair of jandals, with the caption ‘wish you were here?’. Try tapping into nostalgia and emotions to get more engagement. Know your target market and become a symbol of their personality. Here’s an example of an Iconic brand getting creative with their New Years post:griff

3. Keep it Short

The newsfeed is a busy highway of messages, photos and promotional material. It is best to keep your posts short and sweet. Ensure the key information is presented before the ‘See More’ cut off, ideally your post should not be long enough to require the ‘See More’ dropdown. When appropriate place a call such as a phone number or a link to a website (great for SEO too!).

4. Get Personal

A post with no words may feel like sending a birthday card with no message in it. When posting try do it fairly informally as it’s more a conversation you want with your audience rather than dictating a formal message that feels just one way. The language you use should reflect you brand’s personality, is it young and colloquial or mature and sophisticated? Whittaker’s are a great example of using language that reflects their brand.


5. Focus on the fans that are actually paying attention to you right now

Even business pages with a large fan base often miss out on engagement. E.g.  “I have 5000 fans, but only ten of them will actually comment on a picture.”

Rather than stress out about the vast majority who aren’t engaging, you’re better off focusing on those ten. Respond back to these people and try keep the conversation going. These ten people are potential customers, and may encourage others to comment as well. People can be shy on Facebook, show them that it is safe to comment with engaging conversation.

6. Make sure you ask questions that are going to ignite a true conversation

To initiate conversation on your posts end them with questions  – it could lead to comments on your post which in turn creates virality and will lead to your Post appearing in more people’s newsfeeds.  Try out asking direct versus open questions and see what sort of response you get – it varies depending on your audience and topic. Contrary to some views asking a simple Yes or No question can lead to more engagement .e.g. Is Wainuiomata the next hot suburb to buy in? Yes or No.

7. It is all about the image

You already know that images on Facebook go a long way. For the majority of your posts you should be including a really eye-catching image. Our data shows that 90% of posts perform better with images attached.

Images are typically going to get you more likes, clicks, comments, and shares.

8. Give-a-ways!

This is generally the best way to get engagement. People love free stuff. Ask a question related to your business and put people in the draw who answer it correctly. This may encourage people to do some research into your company to find an answer, provided the prize is worthwhile.


9. Upload video directly to a Facebook post

You’ll notice more and more videos on Facebook as businesses realise they create good engagement. One reason for this is that the videos will play automatically on peoples’ newsfeeds. They also require less effort as users do not have to go off to an external site.

10. Create posts that are RELEVANT to your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and your objectives

When planning your content for the month, take a moment to think about your USP – and the objectives of your business page.  If you are pitching yourself as the ultimate negotiator – throw in a story about how you recently achieved a great result for a client – even get their photo and permission to use a quote from them to support it.


Example Monthly Content Calendar


The most successful businesses plan social media content in advance. Hint: use scheduling on Facebook to load a few posts in advance of your week or month to save time.












Keep in mind public holidays, events, anniversary’s which can drive content. E.g. Christmas, Valentines’ Day, Mother’s Day are Retail’s more significant days in the calendar which requires planning well in advance. For Business services events like the end of the Tax year could be important.

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