Digital Marketing In The Age Of Virtual Reality

Digital Marketing opportunities open up with virtual reality headsets

“Where there’s eyeballs there’s money?”

While Virtual Reality (VR) is still mostly in the realm of tech geeks and hard core gamers we believe that rapid uptake of the technology by every day consumers will change the way businesses look at this technology. Right now big ticket items (think real estate, travel packages), entertainment and games are the core applications for this new breed of technology but that will change as VR becomes mainstream.

Investing in virtual reality to market your business

Do we see opportunities for brands to place advertising into the world of virtual reality? The argument of “where there’s eyeballs there’s money” is possibly true, but we think that consumers will be seeking a far greater form of engagement in this medium. Therefore the bigger opportunity will exist for businesses to invest in their own VR world offering anything from VR tours, shopping experiences, product experiences, education, training and of course entertainment.

The good news for VR becoming mainstream is the quality of the technology and the price of the headset, both of which are at the tipping point of acceptability. We road tested a $200 Samsung Gear headset recently and were completely blown away by the quality of the VR experience. In one of the VR world’s we experienced a concert just meters from the main stage, in another we were at the being on the bottom of the ocean in amongst the sea life. The third world we visited was at an Open Home as a real estate client and we were able to walk through each of the rooms and make out the finer details that you could not experience just staring at a 2D screen. The experience was mind tingling and slightly disconcerting knowing that a pandoras box of opportunity is opening up for businesses to grapple with and execute VR experiences for consumers.

The mass adoption of VR is in our opinion a matter of a year or two at the most. The distribution of VR headsets will likely be driven by the same distributors of smart phones (i.e. phone retailers) given the technology is generally paired together.  If you’re a business owner and wanting to explore leveraging this exciting new channel give Onmark a call.

Watch the Samsung Gear VR demonstration to get more of an insight into this promising new experience for consumers and opportunity for innovative businesses.


The author Stephen Beath is an award winning online marketing expert and founder of Digital Marketing Agency Onmark. You can email [email protected] or find him on LinkedIn.