Innovation: changing commerce as we know it

The commercial landscape is constantly carved by innovation. The wheel changed the ease with which a small farmer could transport his crops to a market. The use of steam to power ships and trains enabled much faster and more efficient transportation of goods. The mass production of steel reshaped modern construction.  In light of the influence of such innovation on the commercial environment, it is pertinent for any business to adapt to these environments in order for them to survive. Perhaps the most demanding innovation-driven commercial shift in recent times has been the internet, which has required diverse industries to rapidly adapt to fast-changing commercial environments.

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Finding your customers on Facebook

Finding your customers on Facebook

Finding your customers on Facebook can have tremendous benefits for your business. Facebook is still an undeniably powerful force to be reckoned with when it comes to targeting your customers online. Worldwide Facebook has 1.5 billion active users, and this figure is steadily increasing. In NZ there are 1.9 million active daily users, and on average, Kiwi users are looking at Facebook 14 times a day. It is highly likely you will find your target market there.


Figure 1. Facebook Audience Insights – New Zealanders interested in shirts example

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Digital Marketing For Real Estate – The New Era

Digital marketing in real estate

When it comes to marketing real estate it is important to embrace the current digital marketing era. More and more consumers are looking online to search for new homes. Gone are the days where buyers check the window display of listings at their local real estate office. Today there is no need for real estate offices, the cost of running them only increases the agency’s overheads and that means higher selling fees. That is why contemporary agencies such as Tall Poppy Real Estate do not have offices.

How has digital marketing changed the real estate landscape?

What has changed?  Today buyers are looking to property websites such as TradeMe Property, Open2view and These are today’s key marketing outlets for property, are reasonably priced for vendors and are easy for buyers to use.  They have a local and international reach and advertised properties can be seen anywhere in the world.

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Digital Marketing In The Age Of Virtual Reality

Digital Marketing opportunities open up with virtual reality headsets

“Where there’s eyeballs there’s money?”

While Virtual Reality (VR) is still mostly in the realm of tech geeks and hard core gamers we believe that rapid uptake of the technology by every day consumers will change the way businesses look at this technology. Right now big ticket items (think real estate, travel packages), entertainment and games are the core applications for this new breed of technology but that will change as VR becomes mainstream.

Investing in virtual reality to market your business

Do we see opportunities for brands to place advertising into the world of virtual reality? The argument of “where there’s eyeballs there’s money” is possibly true, but we think that consumers will be seeking a far greater form of engagement in this medium. Therefore the bigger opportunity will exist for businesses to invest in their own VR world offering anything from VR tours, shopping experiences, product experiences, education, training and of course entertainment.

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How will future technologies impact digital marketing strategy?

Future Technology’s Impact On Digital Marketing

circretWhen Apple announced the iWatch last year it got us thinking about what impact future technology would have on digital marketing strategies. In fact it set off a few alarm bells as we realized that within 3 years much of what we offer our clients could be obsolete. Let’s take a quick look at what digital marketing services we offer right now, analyse what technology is coming and how we should adapt our services to stay relevant to our customers.

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