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Ten Powerful Tips To Grow Your Business Facebook Page


Tap into your fans emotions and desire.

Facebook business pages are a great opportunity to connect with a large audience, interact with customers and build your brand online.

Planning your content in advance is key to running a successful Facebook business page. Having a clear idea about your goals and how you want to position your business will shape what content you put onto your page. Continue reading

The 10 Step Marketing Plan For More Sales In 2015


Increase Marketing Sales Today

With 2015 now upon us every business owner should be thinking about how they will grow their business this year. We’ve prepared a 10 Step Marketing Plan to help increase marketing sales in 2015. Once you have completed your plan you may also want to use the Promotional Calendar with key dates including public and regional holidays, celebrations and events and government dates to help plan your monthly marketing activities.  Continue reading

Why Website Conversion Matters To Your Business


Your website is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools for your business. It is the gateway to your company, introducing your brand, products, services and team.  Often it is the first point of contact someone has with your company and we all know first impressions count!

Conversions are the actions that you want your online visitors to take when they visit your site. Continue reading

Why Your Customers Prefer Video

How often have you visited a website with the intention of making a purchase or enquiry but then put off by either too much text or a lack of information?

We often advise our clients to take video seriously if they want to engage their audience and create more enquiry. With studies showing that 65% of audiences are visual learners, video offers the ability to convey messages in a way that text and graphics simply can’t match. Continue reading

5 Basic Things You Must Do For Online Sales Growth



1. Start a Search Marketing Campaign. 

  • This is the undisputed number 1 channel for online sales growth and your return on investment. With over 2.5 billion Google searches every day by people trying to find products and services it is essential to use this form of advertising.
  • The secret to why Search Marketing is so powerful is the relevancy of the advertising. Your prospects only see your advertisement when they are searching on Google using specific keywords related to your business offer. Not only is the advertisement relevant to them, you only pay for when they click on your ad and land on your website. This enables you to build plenty of brand awareness at no cost to yourself.

Continue reading